Jason Bonner



  Email: wisk@wisk.org
For other methods, please inquire through email first.



  To pursue an extensive career in the IT field that challenges my skills, specifically in programming, UNIX administration, and network administration.



  2002 - 2004 Texas A&M Commerce Commerce, TX [site]
Bachelors degree earned in Computer Information Systems and minor in Information Technology
• Cum Laude.
• 3.504 cumulative GPA; 3.824 major GPA; 3.842 minor GPA

2000 - 2002 Texarkana College Texarkana, TX [site]
General Studies for Transfer
• Successfully completed 67 hours of credit



  May 16, 2001 Placed on Dean’s List at Texarkana College
December 14, 2002 Placed on Dean’s List at TAMU-Commerce
February 19, 2003 Placed on Dean’s List at TAMU-Commerce
December 13, 2003 Placed on Dean’s List at TAMU-Commerce
May 8, 2004 Placed on Dean’s List at TAMU-Commerce
December 18, 2004 Awarded Cum Laude distinction based on GPA



  A list of references may be presented upon proper contact.



  August 2004 to Current
Ark-La-Tex Driveshaft and Distributing, LLC.
• Network administrator and all around technology consultant.
• Responsibilities include: converting a mixture of outdated Windows machines to Windows 2000, including hardware upgrades; overseeing a major accounting software conversion from a DOS to Windows platform; maintaining a correct customer, vendor, and inventory database with all correct transactions everywhere in between; maintaining all printer and fileserver shares as previously setup with the past network.
• Also some experience with entry level machine and hydraulic work.

August 2004 to December 2004
Bleeding Edge Technology (Senior project group)
For the Fall Semester of 2004, I was part of a group that developed a special information system for a senior project.
My work included:
• Database design
• Administration and integration
• Interface design
• Project leader
• Programming
• System design
• Webmaster.
Visit http://bet.wisk.org for details.



  • Knowledgeable in many languages, including PHP, SQL, C++, TCL, SH/BASH, COBOL, ASM, ASP, VB, HTML, JAVA, and databases such as MySQL and Oracle.

• Knowledgeable in setting up and maintaining many operating systems, including Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, their servers, Linux, and FreeBSD. Also capable of administering UNIX machines that handle many different services, such as HTTP, SMTP, POP3, and so forth.

• Capable of maintaining databases, their integrity and data modeling.n Capable of maintaining a network to support a variety of Windows and UNIX machines.

• Capable of maintaining a complete website from back-end to administration panels and user integrated areas.

• Vast familiarity with the Microsoft Office suite.

• Knowledgeable in hardware and software troubleshooting.