I love the sport of paintball. I have met many of my friends through the countless days I have played.
Look forward to this new year where I will be starting another young team "GREED".


Glossy orange FreeFlow Lotus
Chrome Eclipse Worr-Blade frame
Chrome Eclipse Samurai trigger
Matching Eclipse hinge frame
Matching 15* asa
Matching AKA Sidewinder
Black DYE Sticky3 grips
Silver Moody Paintball Products ram
Dual quick exhaust valves
Raw Shocktech FGP LPR
Chrome Check-It clamp feed
Chrome KAPP 0-800 psi gauge
Chrome KAPP f/x beavertail
Chrome Custom Products ASA
Titanium pump arm
titanium cocking rod
FreeFlow internals
FreeFlow bolt


Dust pink with gloss tattoo LED Matrix
Pink/Black Check-It powerstation
Black CP regulator
Pink/Black Check-It clamping no-rise
Pink/Black PBC LPR
Pink/Black Check-It unimount
Evolve V1 bolt kit
Black stock trigger
Black CP snatch grip
Black DYE sticky3 grips
Trauma LED ACE
Tadao 5/Musashi 3


Raw silver WDP Angel LCD
Black .45 frame
Silver grips
Chrome Cobra Fang trigger
Black/Chrome Check-It clamping no-rise
Black IR3 mini-reg
Black Bullet pull knob
Chrome Kill Zone rail
Black CP on/off
Dual black small WDP 3sum volumizers
Black DYE site rail
Black detent
Raw silver backplate
Raw silver asa
A4 Softface bolt
Vaporworks Chaos board with ACE installed
Vaporworks wire harness


Black to Gold Limited Dye DM4
Black DIRT Trigger
Black Custom Products Rail
Gold Custom Products On/Off
Musashi3 Chip
Dust Gold 16" Tip


Pewter with Silver parts Works Autococker
Red Shocktech Rat Valve
Pewter CenterFlag HPR
CCM Hammer, Springs, Bolt, Bolt pin
Chrome KAPP FAT Ram
Chrome Palmers MicroRock
Silver P-Block
Silver CCM Clamp Feed
Silver CCM ASA
CCM Pump Arm
Chrome E-Blade Kit


Silver PT Extreme

Black 2001 WGP right feed Autococker
Black WGP Gen1 hinge frame
Chrome Shocktech Bomb 3-way
Green Shocktech Rat 3:16 valve
Black Palmer Stabilizer
Clear DYE grips
Two piece JT 14" .688
Chrome KAPP Stubby Dropzone
Centerflag Hyperflow 201 68/3000 adjustable


Black Fava slip-on rise
Flipped microswitch
No return spring
Bolt face cupped and venturi removed
It rips :)


Fade black to red Dark cocker
Racegun frame, leaf board
Chrome Palmers Micro Rock
Chrome STO ram
Old style WGP valve
Old WGP hammer?
Black Check-It clamping rise
Black/Red Check-It unimount
Black Shocktech beavertail


Fade dark blue to light blue E-Orracle
Chrome eblade
Chrome sto ram
Chrome tickler LPR
Chrome gen-x reg
Chrome Shocktech drop
Chrome Shocktech asa
All the other Orracle goodies


Purple ICD Flame Bushmaster
Paintball detection system (PDS)
2004 Vaporworks Chaos board
Vapor PDS wiring harness
Vapor valve
Black 2003 trigger frame
Black CP reg
Black Check-It clamping no-rise
Purple cut bolt
Purple DYE sticky grips
Purple UV LED
Purple Shocktech LPR plunger
Black/Black Check-It unimount


Silver ICD Teardrop Bushmaster
Black duckbill
Everything stock
Black Magic cup seal
16" DYE boomstick


Emerald (money) green 2003 AKA Viking
WAS Equalizer board and ACE installed
Matching Sidewinder
Matching Javelin
Black panels
Black clamp feed
Black CP rail
Green CP on/off


Glossy yellow (gold) FreeFlow Lotus
Black FreeFlow twist feed
Black Palmers Micro Rock
Black STO ram
Black Belsales Hollowpoint 3-way
Black Belsales Evolution slider frame
Black KAPP Patriot cocking rod
Black DYE Basic sticky grips
Black Custom Products inline reg
Black CCM aluminum pump arm
Belsales trigger springs
Belsales trigger plate
Black Belsales trigger shoe
FreeFlow nylatron bolt
FreeFlow nylatron bolt pin
FreeFlow valve
FreeFlow rounded lug
FreeFlow roller sear


Black 2003 Smart Parts Shocker
Non Vision board
Black CCM clamp feed
DYE Sticky3 grips
Black All American two piece barrel
Black Vert MaxFlo reg
Black/Black Check-It Unimount
Black gas through (new style)
Silver 68/4500 MaxFlo tank


Black Dust DYE LCD ACED Matrix
LCD Board with ACE support
Black Demonic Strangler with Red Sleeve
Black Custom Products Trigger
Black DYE Backplate
Black DYE Breech Rod
Black Torpedo HPR
Black Duckbill
Red DM4 Grips
Image Bolt Kit
FreeFlow One Piece Open Face Bolt
Smokin' C4 BackPlug